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The Best Friends:

Aidan Ward - Vocals, Guitar, Clarinet
Ben Einstein - Vocals, Keyboards
Christian Whiting - Vocals, Guitar
Derek Burle - Bass
Spencer Schultz - Drums


released August 13, 2011

Recorded and Engineered by Eli Crews at
New, Improved Recording Studio,
Oakland, CA. Additional recording at
the UCSC Electronic Music Studios
in Santa Cruz, CA.
Mixed by Forrest Lawrence at
The Annex, Menlo Park, CA
Mastered by Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering
Producer - Gordon Whiting
Cover - Lois Rosson
Design - Ben Einstein
Photos - Christian Whiting, Derek Burle.
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Manufactured and distributed by
Broadside Signal Recordings, Berkeley CA
© & ℗ 2011 The Best Friends



all rights reserved


The Best Friends Santa Cruz, California

It's kinda like Lil' Jon meets Lil' Wayne meets Lil' Bow Wow meets Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


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Track Name: Riding Hood
Wolfy stepped off the bus
It was a quiet little village and it liked to rust
As he took a nip of plastic bottle of vodka from his hip pocket
He was down in the dust
“a hell of a lousy place this is,
I think I’m gonna piss all over it - you know I will...”

Well there you are my smiling senior,
Your cookies are surely baking, rising,
Wolfy gets to thinkin’ that he’s hypnotized
‘She’s so nice, She’s so nice’
“You look famished boy.
Won’t you come into my humble home and
I will feed you right, I’m gonna feed you right I am...

Fresh hot cookies from the oven boy,
you have a dozen they’re good for you
“These look great, my granny friend -
the thing is though, I’m gonna eat you too!”

Down she went, belly of the beast,
Pickin’ his teeth, the wolfy had a feast and
Rap rap rappin’ on the door, It’s a little little little

“Granny are you home I say?
‘Cause I’ve been following you all day.
And who’s that wolfman?
Who’s that wolfman?

My what big teeth you have, hey motherfucker give me back my grandma

Riding Hood with the smoking gun
Granny laughs and they’re on the run, once again.
Riding Hood always have such fun.
I don’t recommend that you give that little girl a gun,

Ridin’ Hood, Ridin’ Hood, never knew cappin’ wolves could feel this good (x8)
Track Name: 1421
From the Skymall to the window,
You see a lot of pools.
There’s so many little houses,
I’m not sure of which to choose

So I’ll eat my snacks and I’ll take my drink
Let the magazines tell me what I should think.

The sky is falling upward,
and the ground is in a frame
You know you see a lot of rooftops,
I guess everywhere’s the same.

‘Cause this paper’s clean and it’s hard to think
And the flight attendant asks but I don’t need another drink.

I know I don’t have much time.
So I’ll make sure that I get this right.
Well maybe someday

I know I don’t have much time.
So I’ll make sure that I get this right.
Well maybe someday
Track Name: Pokegama
We floated in Pokegama golf course
Came before, mosquito feed, landlords
Greeted by a family man, on electric horse

Said to his children grow up and
Explore the world
Catch what you can and
You make it work,
Well children you go up and
Spread the word

We chucked the ‘bee, sweet release, found us all
I had this thought that we were not very un-alone
The sky explodes, exposing all, fungal overtones.

When it was over, it had begun.
Purest of feeling, I had to run,
Children grow up, and get it done.

Children grow up, and spread your love.
Track Name: Booty Scones
Buttertop beauty come to answer all my wishes,
See her walkin’ by lookin’ utterly delicious
So I stroll up,
Say “Baby what’s the holdup?
I wanna lick your body like I lick a Fruit Roll-Up”
But she didn’t dig it, said I better quit it -
but you know me, I gotsta hit it.
So I tried again, “Sorry if I offend,
but that booty’s so flakey I just wanna be its friend”
So let me put it in my oven
see that dough rise need some booty scone lovin’

‘Cause when the feeling’s right, I need my doughy delight
Call you up on the phone, ‘cause baby - you my booty scone

Booty Scones! Booty Scones! (x2)

Finally get the digits so you know it’s for real,
Yo booty’s the banana and your pants the peel
So girl,
I think you’re really something, your booty’s poppin’ out like the top of a muffin
wanna squeeze it, hopefully that’ll please it,
You know I like it fresh so baby please don’t freeze it.
Some guys like nips, others like Cheez-Its
but I’m all about the scones, If I can’t buy it then I lease it.

Booty Scones! Booty Scones! (x2)
Track Name: All But You
I’m so tired, I’m so tired
I’m so tired of losing touch,
of missing our love way too much
I’m so tired.

It’s too late, It’s too late
It’s too late to take a shot,
after giving all I’ve got
It’s too late.

I’ve done all I can do,
I’ve given up all but you.
All but you

I don’t belong, I don’t belong
No I don’t belong to you,
I know it’s crazy, know it’s true
I don’t belong.

What else can I do?
I’ve tried to see it through.

You (x2)
Track Name: The Odyssey
Twelve quarters, no change.
These cats will never be the same,
Ten fingers, strollin’ livin.’
The sun dies in the grass of the Pacific,

yet it seems that everything will be ok
and this daily life can’t stay the same
yet it seems that holdin’ on won’t change a thing,
But I know that I’m gonna do it anyway

We know our time is almost up,
Holdin’ on ‘cause it ain’t over yet.